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Uwe Bräunlich

*12.2.1939 – ✝16.12.2020

Uwe Bräunlich was a member of the German Journalists‘ Association and German Society for Photography e. V. (DGPh). Uwe Bräunlich worked for Linhof Kamerawerke for about half a century and since 1998 also for Linhof Präzisions-Systemtechnik GmbH with great commitment. He was always on our side with his wealth of experience and advice. Even in retirement he acted worldwide as a consultant for Linhof until the end.
As a passionate camera collector, Uwe Bräunlich was a connoisseur of Linhof camera history like no other. We lose a valuable adviser in him. The gap he is leaving cannot be closed.
Uwe Bräunlich was curious about foreign cultures throughout his life. Due to his spontaneous and communicative personality he made friends all over the world. As a passionate photographer he took wonderful photos on his numerous widewide travels. We lose not only a valuable colleague, but also a friend. The idea that he will no longer be with us in the future fills us with deep sorrow.

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