Linhof Optische Systemtechnik

Best equipped with most modern technology in development, production and research Linhof offers in all technological areas such as optics, micro-mechanics and digital-electronics complete solutions. Linhof is an approved partner. Beginning with the product idea, followed by the product development and finally the mass production, Linhof provides the entire manufacturing process. Linhof offers a wide range of complex optical systems. Profound specialist knowledge and expertise assure high flexibility and diversity.

  • Consultation, development and production of complete optomechanical systems
  • Consultation, development and production of complete optoelectronic systems, components, instruments and constructions
  • Holographic products
  • Determination, production of holographic optical elements (HOE), customized or mass produced in purpose built laboratories
  • Conversion of complex optical installations and procedures into
    industrial fields of applications, engineering and project management
  • Displays
  • HOEs
  • Special surface structures
  • Testing instruments

When interested please contact our team at any time.

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