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Scheimpflug App

The Depth of Field Calculator (Lumariver DoG) for Scheimpflug is an app for your mobile device, that helps you maximize the sharpness of your photos. (English)

Can I use my 4×5 view camera with a digital back?

Again and again we receive questions whether an existing large 4×5″ or 9×12 view camera can also be used digitally…

Why the image circle
is an important parameter…

Lenses with large image circles are necessary to enable camera adjustments. You can learn more about this in our seminars in Munich.

Format and focal length

Our 2-day workshops and seminars at Linhof in Munich have already turned many photographers into professionals! Here you can find the current dates and registration forms.

Large format lenses

The lens is the eye of the camera. These Schneider brochures provide you with information about specialized lenses and their respective applications. Please note that many lenses are no longer produced and are only available on the used market.

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