Digital with 4×5″ cameras?

Master Technika with digital back

Master Technika with stitching slides and digital back

The most important characteristic of view cameras used is the large shooting format. Decisive for the use of the view camera is the mechanical adjustability, i.e. perspective corrections, rectification of converging lines or the Scheimpflug rule.

he Digi Adapter 001693 for International Back 4×5 is equipped with a Hasselblad V connector. It creates the connection from conventional 4×5 cameras to digital backs adapted to Hasselblad V. With an appropriate ground glass mask, the image plane can be marked on the ground glass. The image plane must of course be matched.

A special changeable slide is available for the Master Technika cameras (001618). This allows the Master Technika to be used for subject photography with digital backs with ground glass control. This is recommended as an accessory for the RD1 repro camera.
The prerequisite for this is the easily removable rotating back. The MT interchangeable slide allows quick changeover from setting on the groundglass to shooting. It accepts the camera adapter plates for connecting the various digital backs (Hasselblad H, Hasselblad V, Mamiya 645 AF/AFD). The built-in shift allows the entire interchangeable carriage to be shifted 15 mm up and 15 mm down. Multiple exposures (stitching) increase the shooting area of the digital backs.
Camera adapter plates, focusing screens and viewing systems are the same as for the universal interchangeable carriage.

However, those who use digital backs with large view cameras must accept limitations. Please refer to the following sections.