Professional Linhof camera systems from Munich


Linhof precision engineering with high added value.


High-end digital with adjustable Linhof view cameras. Analog with large format.


Durable Linhof cameras for images that stand the test of time.

Ilya Efromeev: Sayan Mountains

A healthy and peaceful 2022!

Adapter 617 International Back / Graflok

With the Linhof Adapter 617 (001688), the body of the Technorama 617s III can be attached to a Master Technika or also to another camera with Graflok back. This makes it possible to take pictures in panorama format 6×17 cm on rollfilm with camera movements, such as shift, tilt and Scheimpflug.

Price: 329,00 Euro plus VAT
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Jakob Huger: Country

Simon Schollum, Stills

Denis Félix, Portraits

Giovana Zuccarino, La Luna

Adam Miller, NYC Cityscapes

Felix Holzer: B-Boys, Breakers, Electric Boogaloo

Linhof Cable release red in cotton
bag with logo

Profi Cable release 800 mm, incl. Profi-Griff, rot
Additionally included in delivery: 041066 screw-on nipple, black cotton bag
with Linhof logo, 15×20 cm
€ 48,00 plus shipping and legal VAT.
Please include your full name, address, phone number and VAT ID if applicable.

Lensboard for
HR Digaron Macro 5,6/105

Lensboard for
HR Digaron-SW float 6,5/138

Neu: Linhof channel on YouTube

On the YouTube channel “LINHOF CAMERAS MADE IN MUNICH” we will show stories from and about photographers. Information about different camera systems as well as shooting techniques will be provided. We want to build a lively portal that can only succeed through the cooperation of many interested people.

YouTube: Linhof cameras made in Munich

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Camera movements with system cameras