M 679 Lensboard for HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f/5,6

M 679 Objektivplatte for Rodenstock HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f/5,6

The new M 679 lens plate (001166) has a connection for attaching the Rodenstock HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f / 5.6. This means that the lens can be used on the Linhof M 679 and via adapter plate (001101) on all Kardan cameras.
In conjunction with digital backs and an integrated shutter, the lens enables virtually distortion-free, extremely sharp and high-contrast images with high resolutions over a large macro range. It can also be used in combination with the Linhof digital adapters for system cameras from Canon (001709), Fuji (001706), Hasselblad (001707), Nikon (001710) and Sony (001708).

The Rodenstock HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f/5.6 is a macro lens that offers exceptional sharpness and that was designed for the scale range from around 1:4 (β’ = -0.25) to 4:1 (β’ = -4). Unlike conventional macro lenses, it can be continuously optimized to any imaging scale from 1:3 (β’ = -0.3) to 3:1 (β’ = -3) using a ring with very fine scale divisions. An internal lens element group (floating elements) is shifted for a perfect matching of the optical design to the respective imaging scale. The lens therefore produces a high resolution, exceptional contrast, and a minimization of chromatic aberration (color fringes) unsurpassed in the macro sector.
The HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f/5.6 has an image circle diameter of 82 mm over its total scale range. It can therefore be used with both technical cameras and system cameras of all professional sensor sizes. Even with very large sensor formats (36 x 56 mm and 40 x 54 mm) it still offers more than sufficient image circle reserves for camera movements such as parallel shift to avoid or to ameliorate converging lines and for a Scheimpflug lens tilt to extend the depth of field without excessive stopping down.
Since the special optical design does not permit an internal leaf shutter, the camera or the digital back has to have a mechanical focal-plane shutter or a sensor with an electronic shutter.

M 679 O-plate for HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f / 5.6 (001166): 284.00 euros plus VAT
Lens Rodenstock HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f / 5.6 (000426): 4,430.00 euros plus VAT

Information about the HR Digaron Macro 105 mm:

Data Sheet, PDF

Manual, PDF

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