Master Technika 3000

Perfect for classical work on film 4×5
The Master Technika 3000 is a 4×5 format technical field camera which allows camera movements to correct converging lines and to control the plane of sharp focus. The built-in wide-angle focusing track can now comfortably be used by a turning knob which is placed at the outer right side of the camera body. For extremely short focal lengths 38, 47 and 58 mm one infinity stop is provided for all 3 focal lengths thanks to individual lensboard adjustments. The baseboard can now be dropped to a forth notch enabling vertical images without vignetting. The Rapid Change Adapter Slide increases the use of the Master Technika for digital imaging (001618).

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Front: Lens center tilt 30° fwd. and bkwd.
swing: 15°
Lens rise: 55 mm
Lens standard shift: 40 mm to either side

Dropbed: 15°, 30°, 55° with click-stop
Back: 20° swing / tilts in all directions
Bellows: max. extension 430 mm
Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 11 cm, closed
Weight: 2550 g without lens

Lenses in Copal shutters:
Extreme wide-angle: 38, 47, 58 mm for groundglass focusing with wide-angle focusing track
Wide-angle: 72 / 90
Normal lenses: 150
Long lenses: 240 / 250 mm
Tele lenses: 300 – 400 mm

000130    MASTER TECHNIKA 3000, 4×5, without lens
002549    Anatomical Grip 45, left, with 17 in. cable release
002430    Cable release 430 mm, T-lock + turning nipple (spare)
002522    Fresnel Screen 45
022610    Camera Neck Strap
001926    Compendium Lensshade Master Technika
001933    Compendium Filter Holder M 95×1/ 10×10 cm
001932    Vignetting Mask Holder for Compendium + 4 mask
001618    Rapid Change Adapter Slide for Master Technika
022457    Aluminum Case Master Technika (44x44x18 cm)
022496    Universal-Photobag (König)
022490    Insert for Universal-Photobag, spare (König)

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