Technorama 617s III

Extreme panorama camera, format 6×17 cm on roll film
The rugged die-cast professional camera for reliable performance without the need of batteries under the most rugged working conditions „on location“ such as travel photography, expeditions, adventure. Ideal for hand-held use producing professional large format quality which can normally only be achieved with 5×7 in. large format cameras.
The Linhof Shift Adapter with wide-angle lenses offering an extremely wide shift range of 30 mm (15 mm each up and down). The Shift Adapter can be used with all existing Technorama bodies accepting interchangeable lenses. Image control with Groundglass Back T 617 + Magnifier Adapter + Magnifier. 
Production of the T617 lenses was discontinued years ago. These are no longer available. However, customer’s own lenses can be installed in the corresponding tube. Standard lenses can be converted into Technorama 617s III shift system lenses, including helical mount.


Shifting with Technorama shift system