Versions of the Linhof M 679

Linhof M 679

1996: Presentation of a completely new camera system for new forms of application in professional studio photography and digital imaging: The Linhof M 679 is a dual system for digital work flow and classic rollfilm photography with a perfect range of adapters and accessories for medium format technique. The photographer is free to select the ideal medium for his job, digital or analogue.
The camera has an integrated tilt head. Up and down shifts are carried out using indirect adjustment technology.

1997: Tipa Award – the Linhof M 679 judged as best professional product.

Linhof M 679cc

2000: The further development of the Linhof M 679 is expressed in the M 679cc. Additional direct adjustments are now possible on the back standard. These fine drives offer cropping corrections – horizontally and vertically. The range of accessories for adapters and viewing aids is constantly being expanded. All new digital backs can be adapted. There are format groundglass masks according to the sensor sizes.

Linhof M 679cs

2004: The Linhof M 679 has now been modified to become model M 679cs without changing the complete compatibility. With this compact Linhof view camera system every advanced photographer is free to select the commonly used digital backs as well as rollfilm backs for 6×6 to 6×9 cm. The Linhof M 679cs is now offering micro drives for lateral and horizontal shifts at the lens and rear standard. The integrated panorama bench holder now features a stepless lateral levelling of 10° each left and right by means of self-aligning micro drives. The focusing via the optical bench has been refined.
The system will be further expanded and perfected in the following years.

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