Technorama 612pc II

Panorama camera including perspective control, format 6×12 on roll film
A camera with no limits: Professional format 6×12 cm on rollfilm including perspective control hand-held. The dynamic 2 : 1 aspect ratio permits 6 exposures on rollfilm 120 or 12 frames on 220 in vertical or horizontal orienta­tion of the film plane. The built-in 8 mm rise of the lens avoids converging lines. The ultimate tool for a user who specialises in architectural, interior, industrial, travel and technically scenic photo-graphy. The superbly finished all-metal construction of the camera body in Linhof precision quality guarantees high-end photography even in off-road areas.
Production of the T612 lenses was discontinued years ago. These are no longer available. However, customer-owned lenses can be installed in the corresponding tube. Standard lenses can be converted. Matching viewfinders are still available.

Installation – customer-owned standard lenses in Technorama 612 tube (incl. helical mount) 
€ 1.750,00

The following customer-owned lenses can be installed in the corresponding Technorama tube:

U00894 – 000894 Super-Angulon XL 5.6 / 58 mm
U00775 – 000775 Super-Symmar Aspheric XL 4.5 / 80 mm
U00776 – 000776 Apo-Symmar L und Symmar S 5.6 / 120 mm
U00777 – 000777 Apo-Symmar L 5.6 / 150 mm
plus modification helical mount € 250.00
or (Apo)-Symmar (S) 5.6 / 150 mm – no modification required

000778 Apo-Symmar L 5.6 / 180 conversion to Technorama tube – not possible
 (requires special lenses with reduced rear lens group)