Linhof stands for 130 years of camera production and the manufacture of optical equipment: products that capture time and the moment in its sharpness and transience. Hardly any technology, any medium, can better describe change. Photography and the tools for it – they are inseparably linked with Linhof.

  • Precision cameras, field cameras
  • Optical bench cameras
  • Panoramic cameras
  • View cameras for digital adaptations
  • System solutions for applied photography
  • Tripod heads
  • Tripods
  • Rollfilm backs
  • Reproduction systemsand much more

Linhof has been committed to applied photography for over 70 years with its range of seminars and workshops. In addition to the regular seminars in Munich, we constantly organize special workshops – classic and digital – for students and trainees in the field of photography, thus supporting educational work.
We pass on our photographic know-how through various publications on specialist photography.

Linhof Seminars

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