Linhof Techno

The camera for digital high-end outdoor photography

Adjustable medium format camera up to 6×9 format for adapting all digital backs as well as various medium format cassettes. Particularly suitable for architecture, landscape and digital high-end photography “on location”: 40 mm self-locking vertical shift with exact parallel guide, spirit levels on lens and image standard for precise perpendiculars, zero stops that can be switched on if required. A double-folded wide-angle bellows allows wide-angle lenses from 23 mm to approx. 90 mm focal length to be used for unobstructed adjustments. The Techno uses Technika lens plates for lenses from 23 mm to 210 mm. The accessories for the image standard are identical to the Linhof M 679cs system accessories.

Vertical stitching with Techno


Dimensions in home position
Height: 197 mm, width: 176 mm, depth: 120 mm

Weight: approx. 1900 g

Maximum camera extension: 250 mm

Minimum camera extension with recessed lens plate: 20 mm

Horizontal parallel adjustment at the lens standard: 10 mm left, 10 mm right

Vertical parallel adjustment at the lens standard: 20 mm upwards

Rotation around the vertical axis: ±10°.
Tilt around the horizont. Axis: ±10

Vertical parallel adjustment at the image standard: 20 mm up, 20 mm down


000150   Linhof Techno, camera incl. normal bellows, front and rear standard, without lens and back
002755   Wide-angle Bellows Techno
001925   Kompendium
002751   Normal Bellows Techno (spare)
022501   König Universal Bag for Techno

001698-S  M 679 Groundglass back
021833-S Groundglass scoring 3×3*
021834-S Groundglass scoring 6×6*
021835-S Groundglass scoring 6×7*
021836-S Groundglass scoring 6×8*
021842-S Groundglass scoring 6×9*
021837-S Groundglass scoring 24×36 / 36×63*
021838-S Groundglass scoring 37×37 / 37×71*
021840-S  Mattscheibe Format 37×49 / 49×71*
021841-S Groundglass scoring 33×44*
021845-S Groundglass scoring 53,9×40,4
021846-S Groundglass scoring 56×36 / 71×56
021850-S Groundglass scoring 49×37*
021851-S Groundglass scoring 53,9×40,4*
021852-S Groundglass scoring 56×36*
021849-S Groundglass scoring 43,9×32,9*
021839   Groundglass scoring 72×88 (Anagramm)
002523   Fresnel Screen
002763-S  Basic Lighthood
002757  Magnifier Viewing System 8×8 for Basic Lighthood
002758  Bellows magnifier for M 679 and Techno
002769  Flexible shafts for M 679cs shift (2 pcs.)
001692  Polaroid Back M 679
001520  Super Rollex Rollfilm back 6×9 for M 679 and Techno
001694  Adapter for Hasselblad backs (V-System)
001696  M 679 Adapter for Mamiya RZ backs
001695  Multi Adapter for Mamiya RB, Mamiya 6×8 motor cassette, Linhof Rapid Rollex 6×7, Horseman 6×7/6×8/6×9
001697  Universal Adapter for camera adapter plates
002766-S  Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slide M 679 – 37×37 / 37×71 and 37×49 / 49×71
002767-S  Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slide (short)
002768-S  Stitching Slide for digital backs with live view
001690-S Groundglass Adapter for 002768-S
001700  Adapter plate for Hasselblad V
001701  Adapter plate for Hasselblad H
001702  Adapter plate for Mamiya 645 AF / AFD
001101  Adapter Linhof Kardan for M 679
001102  Adapter Sinar / Horseman for M 679
001103  Adapter Cambo for M 679
001104  Adapter plate for Hasselblad Finder
001105-S Adapter plate for Acra Swiss Bino Tube on M 679

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