Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slides

Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slide M 679 / Techno
002766-S, 002767-S

The Linhof Rapid Change Adapter Slides permit continuous work flow by rapidly changing the complete image composition to picture taking without taking off or attaching backs. The Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slide is attached to the rear standard the same way as the groundglass back. The slide permits stitching: 2 or 3 shots enlarge the image size of the digital back. Camera adapter plates suiting the different cameras in the market firmly connect the digital back with the slide.
Adapter plates for the different digital backs (part of the universal adapter system):
001700    Adapter plate for Hasselblad V
001701    Adapter plate for Hasselblad H
001702    Adapter plate for Mamiya 645 AF / AFD

As the Rapid Change Adapter Slides are supplied with integrated groundglass back (001698-S) all viewing aids can be attached.

Offered are the short and longer Rapid Change Adapter Slide:

  • 002766-S    Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slide M 679 – 37×37 / 37×71 and 37×49 / 49×71, 40×12 cm
  • 002767-S    Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slide (short), 30×12 cm

The Universal Adapter system allows the use of all digital backs.


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