Rapid Change Adapter Slide Master Technika

Rapid Change Adapter Slide Master Technika
The Rapid Change Adapter Slide increases the use of all Master Technika for digital imaging. Also recommended for reproduction work with Linhof RD1.
Before using the slide the 4×5 revolving back has to be removed. The Rapid Change Adapter Slide permits the quick change of groundglass focusing to taking position of the digital back. In conjunction with the Rapid Change Adapter Slide, even stitching is possible. The complete slide can be shifted up and down 15 mm each.

Illustrations shown:

  • Master Technika with Rapid Change Adapter Slide and PhaseOne digital back
  • Master Technika 3000 with Rapid Change Adapter Slide. The lifted flap on the top of the camera housing allows for convenient lateral adjustments.
  • Reproduction camera RD 1 with Rapid Change Adapter Slide on Technopro II accessory stand.

021845-S    Groundglass scoring 53,9×40,4 (PhaseOne P65+)
021846-S    Groundglass scoring 56×36 / 71×56 (Leaf AFi 10 / Aptus 10)
021850-S    Groundglass scoring 49×37*
021851-S    Groundglass scoring 53,9×40,4*
021852-S    Groundglass scoring 56×36*
021849-S    Groundglass scoring 43,9×32,9*
021839        Groundglass scoring 72×88 (Anagramm)
002523        Fresnel Screen

001700       Adapter plate for Hasselblad V
001701       Adapter plate for Hasselblad H
001702       Adapter plate for Mamiya 645 AF / AFD

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