Adapter 617 International Back / Graflok

Adapter 617 International Back / Graflok

With the Linhof adapter 001688, a Technorama 617 body can be attached to a Master Technika or to another 4×5 view camera with International Back / Graflok. This allows panorama shots to be made on roll film in 6×17 format. Shifting – vertical or horizontal and Scheimpflug extend the creative possibilities. The T617 groundglass back is used for image setting, on which the subject can be carefully composed.
There are limitations depending on the camera design and the lens used.

Master Technika 2000/3000 and classic
The use of the adapter with the T617 body attached to the Master Technika 2000/3000 and classic is possible from 80 mm to 180 mm lens focal length. Up to the focal length of 180 mm, the 6×17 format is displayed completely, after that vignetting occurs. This means that from this focal length on, the entire 6×17 format is not displayed.
On the Master Technika 2000/3000, 80 and 90 mm lens focal lengths can be used without a separate focusing option, since these focal lengths are focused in the housing.
On the Master Technika classic, 80 to 90 mm requires a focusing facility inside the housing, e.g. wide-angle focusing device or objective in the helical mount.
When used vertically, the baseboard may vignette depending on the focal length used. High shift is possible in horizontal orientation without restrictions at any focal length. Side shift, however, may be restricted depending on the lens used (e.g. lens too close to or also in the housing).

Tip: When using the camera and T617 groundglass back, it makes sense to purchase two adapters, otherwise it would have to be screwed over when changing.

Linhof Kardan cameras
On Linhof Kardan cameras 4×5 usable. At 90 mm recessed lens boards are required. Shorter focal lengths are not suitable.

The use with the Technikardan is not recommended.

Other cameras with International Back / Graflok.
Also suitable for other cameras with International back / Graflok. But due to individual designs of the cameras, there may be restrictions or conflicts. At 90 mm, recessed lensboards may be required. Shorter focal lengths are not usable.

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