Poby: Landscapes

Living in the USA since more than 20 years, I wanted to create a series of unique Landscape photographs of the USA. After buying a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda classic car in 2009, I went on a road trip with my 1960s Linhof Master Technika. On and off, whenever I had time, between my jobs as a commercial photographer. And I still do it from time to time. Sometimes I even photographed in Europe. My goal is to transfer the unique environment into a painting like photograph that gives you more a visual feeling than a short glance at a snapshot in time. Something to explore and interpret by the viewer rather than the photographer. I am looking for monumental landscapes as well as iconic structures. The colors are as important as the space and the light situation.

The Technique

I am using a Linhof Master Technika with a 135 mm lens. I am handholding the Master Technika and focus through the coupled rangefinder. When I have found my position, I first make a test polaroid to see how the the whole composition comes out. The final photograph will be a ten time exposure I work the very same way with the test on a instant film back. All in camera. Once I like the composition and exposure, I switch to Fiji or Kodak Quick load film and expose approx. 3 to 4 Sheets of 4×5 slide film. After processing the sheet film, I do scan the photograph on very high resolution, clean it up and adjust the colors as I saw them. No other alteration is done to the photograph. Printed in large format and mounted behind Acrylic Glass.

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