Bruno Giliberto

MAREA is an analog photographic research and production, based in Chile, looking to interpret our physical and sensory relationship with the coastal edge, a constant flux questioning our relationship with the forces of nature. Specifically, it seeks to document our changing and unfinished geography through the contemplative and temporal relationship of the sensory experience. Based on this record, MAREA develop an interpretation of our relationship with the sea, as if it were a visual or documentary archive of the coast from the warm and sandy ocean of the north, to the cold, rich and tumultuous sea of ​​the south of the world. The documentation process enables us to question our past, present and future as a society: our blind spots, erasures and projections in a context of environmental, cultural and social instability.

MAREA is a relational and situational project, in which the process is characterized by a dialogue with the landscape, geography and territory, a methodology that isl be part of each stage of the project. However, it is during the trip and the production of the photographic record that this relational and situational coupling becomes important within the creative process of experimentation and theoretical and practical conceptualization. The use of a Linhof Master Technika Classic  4×5 camera is a key and transforming element in relation to the landscape, geography and territory. This camera only allows you to take a single photograph, forcing you to connect and understand a place through acute observation before producing a single image. It is a meditative work that requires absolute concentration, persistence and patience. It is a moment when there is nothing else than the flow between what is being observed and what we are attracted to, the punctum of which Roland Barthes speaks of in “Camera Lucida”.


Bruno Giliberto has devoted his work to professional documentary photography for the last fifteen years, focusing on ceremonies and their connection to their context. For the past ten years, he has been documenting rituals and ceremonies in more than 25 countries. He has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions in Chile, “MAREA” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, and the National Maritime Museum in Valparaiso, “Empty and Full” at the ANIMAL Gallery; “Metropolis” at the Gabriela Mistral Gallery; in Slovenia, “Clandestine” at the Galerija Kresija; in Spain, “Projeccion 40” in Barcelona, as well as in various group exhibitions around the globe.

A recurring theme in his professional work is how we colonize and form dialectical relationships with our surroundings, focusing mainly on how this is manifested in ceremonies and rituals. Through the photographic documentation of ceremonial gatherings, he captures the way each culture is capable of creating atmospheres and how these affect the development of phenomena.
The MAREA project is a continuation of previous research and production works related to water: India and the Ganges, Aymaras and rain.
Bruno Giliberto uses mainly Linhof Master Technika Classic and color negatives for his artistic work, he usually shows large format printings. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Studied Architecture at the University of Chile (2006) and a Master degree in Visual Arts at the University of Barcelona (2011).


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