Denis Felix, Amanda, Brazil

Denis Félix

After five years of medical studies, Denis Felix launched into a career in photography, moving from fashion, advertising and commissioned exhibitions to personal works with a focus on portraits taken with a 4X5 view camera. The « Immersion » and « Harmonies » series taken during his travels in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, reveal a singular approach that zeroes in on the inherent mystery of each being, a singular moment of grace, a single shot, a single image.
With these portraits, we are taken far beyond the confines of a representation of human beings or ethnic groups into the depth of what is only said in silence, into a whole life journey.



“Since 1993, I’ve created all of my personal and commissioned work using my Linhof Master Technika 4×5 view cameras. They are easily adjustable, precise, and possess a high technical standard, all precious qualities when I am shooting on film or dry plates, whether in the studio or during my frequent travels.
In portrait-making, the view camera offer space of confidence that allow my intuition to take control. Seeing the world upside down through my focusing screen instantly takes me to an inner sphere. I love to turn that world right side up again through the prism of my imagination. My visions come to life in my photo lab, through development, platinum prints, or mixed experimental techniques.”
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