Profi cable release 800 mm, red

Profi cable release 800 mm, Linhof red
Profi cable release 800 mm, Linhof red. With professional handle (lock and rotating nipple) for perfect operation. Included in delivery is the screw-on nipple 041066 for cable release quicksocket. Packed in a black cotton bag, 15 x 20 cm with Linhof logo, it is always tidy for transport.
The special material of the cable release properties maximum elasticity. An enlarged contact surface of the professional handle allows especially soft and smooth releases and ensures a secure grip in any position. The ball brake enables comfortable long-term exposure, as its locking function is retained after release until the operator returns it to normal operation. The rotating end piece makes it easier to screw the shutter release into the lens.
Special suitability: Harsh environmental conditions, camera shutters with increased release resistance, extensive series of exposures with long exposure times, frequent change of the shutter release.

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