Depth of Field App

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The Depth of Field Calculator (Luma­river DoF) for scheimpflug principle is an app for your mobile device that helps you maxi­mize the sharp­ness of your photo­graphs.

I’ve been using a Linhof Techno for my landscape photography since 2012. Early on I found hinge distance tables to be useful for tilting, either to find a starting point, or in difficult light conditions set the final tilt without having to look at the ground glass. As I almost always bring a smartphone, I thought it would be nice to have an app for this. There were indeed many depth of field calculator apps available in the app markets, but only one or two supported tilt and none could calculate the depth of field span at infinity, important to choose f-number. After identifying this gap I decided to make use of my software engineering skills and make my own, which is now is commercially available for Android and iOS (currently the app’s language is English only). It’s called “Lumariver Depth of Field”.

In addition to tilting it supports plain depth of field too of course, and you can customize the circle of confusion size which is important especially in digital photography where there are many differing opinions on what the optimal size is. The app comes with a thorough manual and an instruction video (in English) that describes how it can be used in various scenarios.

Anders Torger

An intro and link to the full documentation is here:

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