Adam Miller
NYC Cityscapes

Adam Miller is based in New York City and shoots the city that he loves in a variety of film formats. Adam is permanently intoxicated by the massive buildings and architecture that surround him and has an endearing passion for dreaming up new perspectives to capture on film, mostly in low light. He is one of the last remaining full-time all-film cityscape photographers in New York City, and takes great joy in the traditional manual film workflow while fully embracing the hybrid aspects of digitizing his film in order to achieve massive print sizes, which adorn homes and businesses throughout the world.
Adam’s portfolio of true film panoramas of New York City is the largest and most renowned in the world.


Adam’s most prized possessions are his two Linhofs. One is a late 1950’s Technika Press 23 (with three custom fit Zeiss lenses) that his late Father used as a paparazzo in NYC in the 60’s. Adam still uses this camera today with a 6×9 back to create beautiful cityscapes.
Adam also shoots extensively with a Technorama 617s III, which is a perfect tool for capturing New York City’s sprawling cityscapes. He primarily uses the super wide 90mm Schneider Super Angulon XL and takes full advantage of the Linhof lens shift adapter, which has a max 14mm rise and fall of the lens. He also uses a 180mm Schneider APO Symmar.
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