Felix Holzer B-Boys, Breakers, Electric Boogaloo

Felix Holzer works with the means of staging in his stills. Felix Holzer arranges technical cult objects from the 2nd half of the last century on a pop striped background. Suitcase radios, records or compact cassettes, long since disappeared from everyday life, thus receive museum attention. His photographs themselves become a design study.

Biography: The internationally awarded photographer Felix Holzer has received more than 40 international awards for his photographs, including the Gold Award from Graphis Photography New York, the Award of Excellence of Communication Arts California and the Award of the International Festival of Photography Moscow. His works are shown in numerous exhibitions in Germany and internationally. In collaboration with brands such as BMW, Mastercard, ZDF, Felix Holzer also realizes photography projects. Holzer is happy to pass on his knowledge and skills at universities and in the Photography Masterclass. Lürzer’s Archive counts Felix Holzer among the 200 Best Photographers Worldwide.


Lost in Transformation Linhof – BFF Bayern

When 17 photographers of the BFF Bayern decide to explore a photographic theme together in an analogous way, i.e. with classic film material, one can be curious about the result. When the theme they have chosen themselves is “Lost in Transformation” and the work is done with only one travelling camera – a large format camera Master Technika provided by Linhof Munich – there are limits to the form and content of the work. What is now being presented as the result of the project is a multi-layered examination of the topic of change. The photographers will find very different visual languages in addition to the interpretative examination. The majority of the photographs reflect change critically, humorously and ironically. The exhibition “Lost in Transformation” took place at the Linhof Casino in Munich.

The Vernissage was on24.10.2019.

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