Florian Hammerich,
Dombauhütte Regensburg

With his project about the Cathedral Construction Lodge Regensburg, Florian Hammerich presents convincing photographic works, which in their classical formal language correspond to the theme of restoration. His carefully composed portraits are framed by a Gothic pointed arch in the background. The stonemasons themselves are almost raised to saints!

BFF Projekt 2019 „Lost in Transformation“

17 photographers of the BFF Bayern decide to explore a photographic theme together in an analog way, i.e. with classic film material. The self-selected theme is called “Lost in Transformation”. The works are made with only one travelling camera – a large format camera Master Technika provided by Linhof Munich for this purpose. The result of the project presents a multi-layered examination of the theme of change. The photographers find very different pictorial languages in addition to the interpretative examination. Exhibition at the Linhof Casino, October 2019.

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