Giovana Zuccarino
La Luna

Giovana Zuccarino is an Argentine photographer. She studied Geology at the University of Buenos Aires and photography at IMDAFTA (Instituto Municipal de Arte Fotográfico y Técnicas Audiovisuales).
She explores the characteristics of light and the materiality of photographic tools. Her interests are astronomy, geology, physics, she often combines 19th century photographic techniques, such as daguerreotype, wet-plate collodion, with the use of large format contemporary cameras. She also works with interferential photographic processes, such as holography, and the Lippmann process. She develops much of her work at the Buenos Aires Observatory ( Asociación Argentina de Amigos de la Astronomía) where she teaches astrophotography and used to work with telescopes and large format cameras, which are sometimes build it by herself in the observatory.


The last years she has been with a historical telescope, specially made for the Transit of Venus in 1882 making a series of lunar landscapes, solar and lunar eclipses always working with antiques technics. She travels looking for astronomical events, solar eclipses, meteor shower. Last December she was in Argentine Patagonia taken daguerreotypes and wet collodion plates from the total solar eclipse.She works with telescopes, and large format cameras, as her loved Linhof Technika III, with lenses Schneider-Kreuznach 90 mm, 135 mm and 270 mm. ( always wrapped with her scarf that has become a lucky charm for clear skies).


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