Victor Ben Tzvi
Woman in Becoming / Photo Poem

Between authentic presence and theatric expression, I’m seeking for a Woman in Becoming – a woman vacillating between her craving for splendour and her existential enclosure – between the longing to unveil and cultivate her own femininity, and the drifting into the currents of the life, its norms and demands. It is a colliding and thriving ambiguity of Being and Becoming, from which the noble feminine spirit shimmers and can gracefully glow.
My poetic inspiration is “to see Splendour from within mundane” – to capture the vitality of a woman that wants to impress and be understood, to love and to be loved – to be a muse.
For a fragment of the Photographic Act, her habitat turns into a Mise-en-Scene, and her authentic being with its sensuality and contemplation becomes a Personage. In this micro-cosmos, I want to capture the passionate moment of the creative unfolding itself; to have a glimpse into the Secret Garden of the Soul; to allegorically allude to the fairy tales and goddesses, to psychologic archetypes, to anxieties and longings.

Victor Ben Tzvi


I’m a self-taought art photographer from Israel, internationally and nationally awarded, granted and exhibited. I’m passionate about Pure Photographic expression – exploring the Black & White inherent aesthetics and Large Format camera modus operandi, and Musicality of illumination, as a creative and poetic means.
In my Photo-Poems, I’m seeking for “Splendour from within mundane”, to live the phenomena that captivate me through the Act of Photography, to unveil the sublime and the sway in them – to evoke a gaze, to pronounce a will, to inspire an insight and to suggest a vision.
My other major field of activity and interest is Mind and Consciousness, developing an interdisciplinary research program in Phenomenology, Cognitive Psychology and Neural Science.
As a step of refinement, exuberance and devotion to Photographic Expression that allures me, I acquiring an all new Linhof Master Technika Camera, resuming the growth and promotion of my abiding passion – Photography.


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