Zuijderwijk / Vergouwe, The Netherlands

Daan Zuijderwijk (1974) and Maaike Vergouwe (1978) both studied photography at the Academy of Art St.Joost in Breda. Since 2006 they work together on various projects.
As artists, we are fascinated by nature in all its diversity, but we are also fascinated by the human concept of nature. We find our subjects where these two elements come together and use photography to examine the relationship between man and nature. For us, photography means observing. We try to watch without forming judgements.

We are represented by Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam.

The Technique

“We work with large-format cameras to make a wealth of details visible. Looking at the images is to go on a journey of discovery, which is exactly what we do when we go to take photographs and observe nature and the landscape.
Since our study we worked with different kind of cameras, but we always ended up with Linhof. At this moment we work with a Linhof Technika 5×7” with color and black/white negative films. For us, this is the ideal combination.”

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