Comfort Technika 45 lensboard

“Comfort” Technika 45 lensboard

The “Comfort” Technika 45 lensboard special made for Copal 0 Shutter, recessed 12 mm. The lensboard offers more operating comfort for aperture and pre-view lever movements and additional aperture scales enables easy reading. With cable release quicksocket, recessed lensboard with cutout for Copal 0.
Mounting kit with lensboard, 12 mm recessed, 3 aperture scales, aperture and pre-view lever, distance ring, cable release quicksocket, short cable release, flash nipple.
Normally for lens mounting at the Professional Service or directly at the Linhof factory.

Recommended for lenses from 72 to 150 mm. Lenses with focal length 80/120/135/150 mm can stay with this lensboard in Technika camera body.