Fresnel Screen 45

Fresnel Screen 45
The Fresnel screen is an indispensable accessory as it brightens up the corners of the groundglass image and thus greatly facilitates evaluation and accurate focusing of the picture.

The Fresnel screen is placed over the groundglass with the grooved side to­wards the lens (Technikardan 4×5, Master Technika classic and 3000, Kardan re).
Slide Fresnel screen under the fixed retaining clips at the bottom of the groundglass frame and slide the upper two rotatable retaining springs over the Fresnel screen using a pointed object (such as ballpen etc.). Removal of Fresnel screen in reversed sequence.

These clamp springs are not included with the Fresnel screen. If they are not already included with the camera, they must be ordered separately under code 002638.

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