Panorama Plates

For 360º photography
003673, 003674
Linhof offers a panorama plate as an accessory for the Linhof ballheads. These plates can be mounted instead of the existing top plate supplied with the Linhof ballheads. The field of applications for the ball heads now increases. The axis above the ball makes panoramic view photographs possible. The camera angle can be controlled via two spirit levels. The panorama plate exists in two versions: Code No. 003673 with Linhof Quickfix I adapter allowing fast adaptation of the camera. Code No. 003674 with dovetail-track allows the use of quick-change plates from Arca, Novoflex a.s.o. The mounting is easily made with an integrated hex wrench.

  • Panorama plate with Quickfix I
    Dimensions: 85x95x50 mm
    Weight: 415 g
  • 35 mm plate for Quickfix I
    Weight: 40 g
  • Panorama plate with dovetail guide
    Dimensions: 85x95x40 mm
    Weight: 335 g
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