Anders Torger

The project “Geometric Chaos” contains images from 2012 and later. It’s a work in progress.
“I’m fascinated by how camera placement and framing can make the non-obvious appear and become clear. Finding geometry in what seemed to be chaos, or emphasizing or reshaping existing structure. Often focusing on smaller segments in view, the photography floats between subjectively documenting, stylizing and paraphrasing the landscape.
Geometry in the landscape can be created by nature itself, but just as often it’s caused by human influence.
I don’t try to hide that, but instead I’m interested in when it creates patterns through coincidence or as an unintended side effect of a rational process.”

His Technique

“The Linhof Techno allows me to use large format technique, while having the comfort of a digital workflow. The compositional flexibility from the Techno’s movements makes it possible to emphasize structure in the landscape, and I appreciate the tactile and direct way to make images. Thanks to the integrated bellows and movements I fit many lenses in my backpack, both wide and long, so I can select exactly the field of view the subject requires. For my artistic process it’s important to capture as close to the end result as possible in a single frame, and the Techno is the ideal camera for that.”

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