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Giulio Speranza

This project is about humans identity. I love to shoot pictures of several subjects, from nature to landscapes and from cityscapes to architecture, but what I really look for in the great majority of my works is ascribable to humans. So, I’m interested in many kinds of human-modified nature and landscapes scenes as well as architecture and cityscape pictures. Therefore, since I believe that all, in our world, concern and depend from the human being, I decided, with this series, to point my attention on ourselves. I think that most of what we are is in our eyes, the most important element in our face, that define our identity. Moreover, I’ve found very interesting the way every person put oneself in front of the view camera. Most of them are not prepared and someway embarrassed, loosing the “forced” portrait look. Something about the character emerge, because I ask simply to look into the lens.
Finally, they are all equal in front of the camera, without distinction based on work, class and so on. Of course this is an ongoing project. I know when it started but I don’t know how long it will last, perhaps for a very long time.

His Technique

Our eyes are the most important element describing our identity, so I have to highlight them. This task is accomplished using the forward front tilt of my Linhof Super Technika. This allow me to manage the focus plane, let it pass through the eyes and get a very shallow depth of field, so that, except the eyes, all is progressively out of focus. The 13×18 format is ideal for the portrait work and let me get an impressive picture quality. All the pictures were taken indoor with continuous light. I develop the films personally and then I proceed to scan and light post production.
Made with a Linhof Technika III 13×18, Nikkor 210mm lens, Bergger Pancro 400 film.

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