Jan Staller

„These images were selected from a project about metal scrap yards. There, all manner of manufactured goods – cars, industrial machinery, and appliances are dumped daily – their remaining value only the dollars per pound that their constituent metals will fetch. These objects are relegated to piles of like materials on site I.E. steel, aluminum and copper. Objects of mixed metals are deconstructed on site and the materials sorted. I have concentrated on the piles of material. Seen from a distance,  scrap yards appear as ugly chaos, with broken down vehicles, appliances, piles of twisted, crushed and rusty metals strewn about. When I first entered these places, I found a surprising potential for art making. Looking closely, I saw materials rich in color and texture. Rather than chaos, I found a gestural order. It was these qualities that inspired this project.“

His Technique

The photographs are taken using a Linhof Master Technika with rollfilm holder 6×12 cm format.

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