Jan Staller

„Although my photographs are taken of actual scenes and objects, the images are only nominally about their subject matter. Most of the subjects are unprepossessing and if not for the photographs, offer little intrinsic appeal. Though my photographs, banal materials are transformed into complex works, rich in line and form.Looking at industrial locations and construction sites with an eye informed by painting, sculpture and earth art, I find temporal arrangements of objects that appear to have been assembled with an aesthetic intent. I have isolated minimal forms  within the rectangle of the photograph. Seen this way, the objects become studies of material qualities and pure form. Other images are as much about the white space of the photograph as they are about the objects within. I use photography for its expressive potential with the intent that my images will present a distinctive vision of sights that all might see but not notice.
My photographs have been exhibited world wide and are in the collections of such institutions as Moma, The Whitney, The Metropolitan and The Bibliothèque Nationale de France.“

His Technique

The photographs are taken using a Linhof Master Technika with rollfilm holder 6×12 cm format.

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