Lia Darjes Tempora Morte

Every day, small unofficial roadside markets pop up in Kaliningrad, Russia. Old women sell the modest harvest from their garden or the nearby forest to supplement their meagre pensions. There, three apples, a bundle of currants and two bulbs of garlic on a simple wooden box are offered for sale in autumn. At other times of the year, perhaps two glasses of homemade strawberry jam and three beetroots on a camping table, or even dried flounder or little bits of amber on nothing but newspaper.
In the middle of a world that is dominated by turbo-capitalism, Lia Darjes is fascinated by the aura of the goods of this micro economy. Over the course of a year, through changing seasons, she travelled four times to Kaliningrad to create this documentary still-life study.

Her Technique

All photographs were made with Linhof Master Technika 4×5 on film. LIa Darjes: “The large-format photography allows me a fineness in the exhibition that the viewer can get almost a haptic impression of still life.”
For this work Lia Darjes was awarded by the Lotto Foundation Brandenburg 2017.
This work is part of final exhibition of the Ostkreuzschule Berlin ‘The One and the Others’ from 01.03.2018 at Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin.

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