Robert Ettlinger
Bridges and elevated motorway

The elevated motorway Mannheim und Ludwigshafen (Germany) was built between 1959 in 1981 and splits in sections north and south. This motorway, along with connecting bridges, represents in an unique way our former vision of mobility. Large-scale runways and spacious bridges allow for an unhindered traffic flow. Recently, severe structural damage was found and caused beginning of demolition in July 2020. The photographic project presented here shows these buildings as a metaphor for the idea of passing and advancing, excluding resting.


For many years, Robert Ettlinger has been working as a scientist and his photographs reflect the principles learned during this time. He takes the attitude of a neutral observer, showing just what he sees. His photographs represent the true situation without digital manipulation. Also, the pictures show the whole image as composed in the camera’s viewer. He uses analogue photography with Linhof Technorama 6×12 / Super-Angulon 5,6/65mm / Apo-Symmar 5,6/135mm and Linhof Technorama 6×17 / Super-Angulon 5,6/90mm, mostly on Ilford Delta 100 and Fuji Provia F 100.
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