G. Roland Biermann

face2face is a series of experimental portrait photographs, based on the aim of visualising a fleeting, vague impression, similar to the features we see of a person walking down the street when driving past in a car. These images are blurred and show a lack of detail. However, it may be for exactly that reason that they are able to show the essence of a person’s features. Also, face2face represents a further dimension of exploring the synchronicity of presence and absence in the photographic image, a phenomenon which I explore in different ways in 36 Apparitions as well.

His Technique

Technically, each of these cinemascope-format images is based on a long-term exposure: a still phase is followed by a controlled movement lasting several seconds which is followed by another (different) still phase. This process, which by the human eye and mind is perceived like a film, a seamless sequence of many images, here, is reduced to a single negative by the photographic camera.

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