Stephen Wilkes

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
of the series „Day to Night“, 2015

“Time and memory, the essence of why we photograph. Photography has historically been defined as a single moment, captured in time. Our memories are defined by these moments, illuminating our consciousness of time as we age. Years ago, I imagined changing time within a single photograph; compressing the best moments of a day and night into a single image. Photographic technology has now evolved to allow my dreams to now become reality.”
Stephen Wilkes

Day to Night

“I photograph from locations and views that are part of our collective memory. Working from a fixed camera angle, I capture the fleeting moments of humanity and light as time passes. After up to 24 hours of photographing and over 1500 images taken, I select the best moments of the day and night. Using time as my guide, all these moments are then seamlessly blended into a single photograph, visualizing our conscious journey with time.”
Stephen Wilkes

Stephen Wilkes works with Linhof M 679cs and digital back.

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