Universal Adapter System

Universal Adapter System M 679 / Techno
The Linhof M 679 Universal Adapter System offers even more compatability to digital backs: Digital backs adapted to different medium format cameras can be combined with the ingenious view camera system Linhof M 679cs and Linhof Techno. Exposure area can be enlarged by stitching.

M679 Universal Adapter 001697

Viewing via Monitor
When controlling via monitor the Universal Adapter code 001697 with additional Adapter plates for Hasselblad V, H-System, or Mamiya 645/AFD/PhaseOne will be required.

Viewing via Groundglass
For digital photography with professional displacements via groundglass control we recommend the Linhof Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slides with additional Adapter plates. These slides permits the quick and easy move from composition to exposure. The digital back and the Universal Adapter Slide with corresponding Adapter plate are perfectly linked by a safety locking system with either Hasselblad H, Hasselblad V or Mamiya 645 AF/AFD/ PhaseOne.

Illustration: Rapid Change Adapter Slide attached to the Techno with digital back.

021833-S    Groundglass scoring 3×3
021834-S    Groundglass scoring 6×6
021835-S    Groundglass scoring 6×7
021836-S    Groundglass scoring 6×8
021842-S    Groundglass scoring 6×9
021837-S    Groundglass scoring 24×36 / 36×63
021838-S    Groundglass scoring 37×37 / 37×71
021840-S    Groundglass scoring 37×37 / 37×71
021841-S    Groundglass scoring 43,9 x 32,9
021845-S    Groundglass scoring 53,9×40,4
021846-S    Groundglass scoring 56×36 / 71×56

Groundglasses with integrated Fresnel Screen
Thanks to the integrated Fresnel Screen the new Groundglasses are extreme fine and allow easier composition and focusing even with extremely short focal lengths.
021850-S    Groundglass scoring 49×37
021851-S    Groundglass scoring 53,9×40,4
021852-S    Groundglass scoring 56×36
021849-S    Groundglass scoring 43,9×32,9

002766-S    Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slide M 679 – 37×37 / 37×71 and 37×49 / 49×71
002767-S    Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slide (short)
001697        M 679 Universal Adapter for Camera Adapter Plates
002768-S    Stitching Slide for digital backs with live view for Linhof Techno and Linhof M679cs
001690-S    Groundglass Adapter for 002768-S

Linhof adapter plates 001700,001701, 001701

001700       Adapter plate for Hasselblad V
001701       Adapter plate for Hasselblad H
001702       Adapterplatte für Mamiya 645 AF / AFD / PhaseOne

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