Book Copying Easel

Linhof Book Copying Easel
The Linhof Book Copying Easel automatically adjusts the position of the book so that despite different thickness the two halves lie perfectly flat against the glass plate cover.

Currently not available.

  • Book Copying Easel
    Dimensions with levers and control elements: 66,00 x 41,00 x h 23,50 cm
    Dimension of reproduction area: 34×50 cm / 14×20 in.
  • Metal Loading Plate for 003090
    32×48 cm / 12.5×19 in.
  • Technopro II
    Heavy-duty copy stand, basebord size 90×80 cm / 35×31 in.,
    column height 180 cm / 71 in
  • Steel Table for Technopro II
  • Linhof RD 1
    Reproduction Camera 4×5
  • Compendium for RD 1
  • Rapid Change Adpter Slide Master Technika

Copying from books is no problem

The Linhof book copying easel makes light work of producing copies from books. Full use was made during the design of this apparatus of all the practical knowledge which has so far been acquired in this special photographic field, with the result that the book copying easel in its present form can claim to be the best available. All the controls have been so arranged as to ensure that even large numbers of different copies can be obtained speedily and with minimum effort. An ingenious feature of its design automatically adjusts the position of the book so that despite differing thicknesses the two halves lie perfectly flat against the plate-glass cover. The Linhof book copying easel is designed for universal application and is suitable for use with all available types of documentation equipment.

  • Pressing the catches gently releases the plate glass cover, which can then be raised. It will maintain in position at any desired angle, thus leaving both hands free for positioning the book or selecting pages.
  • Turning the page does not necessitate releasing the lever. All that need be done is to lift the glass cover and then replace it after turning to a new page. The built-in mechanism automatically re-aligns the two halves of the book. This is the great advantage of the Linhof book copying easel.
  • A special mechanism automatically aligns the two halves of the book. This feature means perfect copies from books up to 10 cm thick.
  • The amount of resistance required can be set a the bracing rod (inside left) by means of a key.
  • A detachable retaining frame makes it possible to copy extra large items, measuring a maximum of approximately 34×50 cm. When not in use the frame can be stored in the bottom of the case, as can the metal loading plate.
  • A 48×32 cm metal loading plate makes it possible to copy any flat documents not exceeding these dimensions (e.g. two sheets of paper type DIN A 4). The design ensures that single sheets of thin paper are pressed against the glass plate as firmly as thicker items.
  • By loosening the two clamp screws, the support plates situated above them can be laterally adjusted to accommodate the width of the book´s spine.
  • The two support plates are held at the front edge and adjusted to the desired position, after which the two clamping screws are re-tightened.
  • Before the book is inserted through the open front section of the easel, the support plates must first be lowered as far as possible. To do this, the lever situated at the right of the case is gently pulled to the right and then up, the support plates being simultaneously lowered. Once the book is in position, the lever is pulled downwards and the book thereby raised and secured against the glass. Finally, the lever is moved gently to the left and held in place in the retaining section, thereby ensuring that the book is kept firmly in position.
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