Stitching slide for Graflok back

Stitching slide for Graflok back
for digital backs with live view
More and more users want to be able to use their valuable 4×5“ view camera with digital backs. Linhof therefore now introduce the Graflok fit stitching slide for digital backs with live view. In connection with suitable lenses large format cameras can also now be used with digital technology. Integrated stops permit stitching: 2 shots enlarge the image size of digital chip backs. The stitching slide accepts the adapter plate (001700, 001701, 001702) with attached digital back.
For those users who also want additional groundglass control, even when working with live view digital backs, a groundglass adapter (code 001690-S) is available. The adapter can hold all groundglasses of Linhof M 679cs and Techno systems.

  • 001700    Adapter plate for Hasselblad V
  • 001701    Adapter plate for Hasselblad H
  • 001702    Adapter plate for Leaf / Mamiya
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